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Sphere Surface Area and Volume Calculator

Sphere Calculator is a free online tool used to calculate surface area of sphere and volume of the sphere. Enter the value of radius 'r' of sphere to calculate the area and volume.

What is a Sphere ?

A sphere is a three-dimensional figure with all points the same distance from a fixed point, the center. A hemisphere is half of a sphere that is created by a plane that intersects a sphere through its center. The edge of a hemisphere is a great circle. The surface area of a sphere is four times the base area, the area of the circle created by the great circle.

A sphere is the set of all points in space equidistant from a given point. This point is called the center of the sphere. A radius of a sphere is a segment from the center to a point on the sphere. A chord of a sphere is a segment whose endpoints are on the sphere. A diameter of a sphere is a chord that contains the center.

Surface Area of a Sphere Formula

The surface area S of a sphere is:

S = 4πr2

where r is the radius of the sphere.

Learn how the Surface Area of Sphere is Calculated

To understand the formula for the surface area of a sphere, think of a baseball. The surface area of a baseball is sewn from two congruent shapes, each of which resembles two joined circles.

calculating area of sphere

So, the entire covering of the baseball consists of four circles, each with radius r. The area A of a circle with radius r is A = πr2. So, the area of the covering can be approximated by 4πr2. This is the formula for the surface area of a sphere.

Volume of the Sphere Formula

The volume V of a sphere is:

V = 4/3 πr3

where r is the radius of the sphere.

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