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About Domain Age Checker

How to find Domain Age

A simple domain age checker tool, enter the website URL and click on get domain age button. There are different ways to define domain age. Some see it as the length of time a certain domain has been registered and active for. But the SEO-relevant definition we’re using is the following: domain age is the length of time that’s passed since the first moment a domain has been indexed by search engines.

Things you will find from this tool:

  • Domain name
  • Domain age in years, months and days from the time of existance.
  • Domain creation  date: Date at which domain came into existance.
  • Domain updation date: Last updated date for extending the booking period.
  • Domain expiry date: Date at which the domain will expire if not renewed by the booking owner.

Domain Age Analysis Check

Domain Age Analysis is also a factor to determine the site’s relevancy in search and in people’s perception. The older domains have a higher frequency to acquire the number one position in terms of rankings in search engines as the many search engines favors and trust older domains. In fact the many topmost search engines like google, bing assigns more importance to the domain age.