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About Broken Links Finder

Broken Links Finder is a free online tool to detect broken links on a page whether these links were text links or image links pointing to 404 error. Broken links in a Web site is common problem on the Internet today. It inconvenience visitors, inhibits proper navigation of a site, prohibit access to Web site content and reduce the productivity of Web professionals. Furthermore, as our society becomes more dependent upon the Internet, ensuring that links are accurately, efficiently and timely maintained will assume a heightened priority. One of the most important indicators of a high-quality site is absence of broken links.

The Broken Link's Problem

In a website structure, navigation problem raised due to broken links. The broken link may involve at various levels of web site structure. A dead link or broken link is a link on the World Wide Web that points to a web page or server that is permanently unavailable. Most of internet's users faced the problem "file not found" in the internet which represent by error 404 this error message indicates that the server name is valid, but the web page could not be found at the specified location. Four things could be wrong:

  1. The web page might have moved. In this case, the user can try to find its new location.
  2. Error in the syntax of link.
  3. Changed the name of the web page.
  4. Deleted the web page from the web site.

Nonworking links can frustrate web site visitors, so keep web page in good operating condition by periodically verifying that all links still work correctly. It is not enough to know that a link was working when first created it. After all, a link that works today might not work tomorrow. The page might be removed from the web or the page's author might rearrange some files of directories, rendering the old URL obsolete. Ongoing maintenance is needed to ensure that hyperlinks remain operational next week, next month, and next year. This requirement is one of the hidden costs associated with posting pages on the web.

Disadvantages of Broken Link

  • There is nothing worse for a user than coming across either a link that leads nowhere or an empty square instead of an image or video.
  • Broken links ruin web site reputation and bring down its rating on search engines.
  • Search engine rates the web site lower if it finds broken links there.

Broken links are not just errors in the design of a site but they can cost rating traffic and money. A Web page dies every time that one or more files on a Web server have their names changed, their location in the sub-directory structure moved, or their host names modified. Links also will die when a server name changes.