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How To Record Voice and Webcam At The Same Time

record voice and webcam at the same time

People prefer screen recorders with a webcam setting. Thankfully, we have found the perfect loose screen and webcam recorder to satisfy all of your recording requirements. It may be downloaded for free and has premium features for an ongoing experience whenever. You must look into the iTop Screen Recorder if you're looking for a way to record your voice and camera.

This robust and user-friendly program makes it simple to record audio and video from your webcam as well as your display. In this post, we'll show you how to simultaneously record voice and webcam using iTop Screen Recorder. It will be simple for you to produce beautiful recordings.

Screen Capture Flexibility

iTop Screen Recorder is a powerful but easy-to-use display recording program that enables you to comfortably record your voice and camera. It offers a variety of flexible options for taking screenshots of your computer, including the ability to capture a full screen, a specified area, or a specific window.

It is the greatest tool for recording video courses or online conferences since you may choose to record your webcam footage along with your speech. The program is easy to use, and it only takes a few clicks to quickly start and stop recording.

Webcam recording

Use a screen recorder like iTop if you need to record yourself while using your computer. You can simultaneously record your voice and your webcam with this free, simple-to-use tool. Open iTop Screen Recorder and select the "Webcam" tab to record your webcam. Next, select "Start Recording" from the menu. The app will automatically start recording from your webcam. Press "Stop" to halt the recording. You might be able to save the video as a file on your computer.

Webcam Audio Recording

iTop Screen Recorder is the ideal gadget for you if you need to record audio in addition to your display. Here's how to go about it. To start, select the "Audio" option on the app. Next, select "Recording" from the menu. The options "Record internal" and "Record microphone audio" are then available.

Select "select microphone audio" if you want to record your voice in addition to your display. By doing this, you'll be able to narrate your video as it's being made. You might select "Record system audio" if all you want to do is capture the sound coming from your computer while using a webcam. As the video records the computer display and webcam, it will also record all the sounds that are coming from your computer.

Zero-Log Policy

iTop Screen Recorder offers exceptional recording quality and is spyware- and adware free. Additionally, it guarantees total privacy because no records of your recordings are stored. You may rest assured that we will keep all of your recordings secure.

Different Output Format

This screen recorder Windows 10 provides a variety of output codec options for users to choose from. Your recording can be kept in MP4, HD 1080p, and many other formats. Additionally, you might save your clip in any format of the video file. This gives you freedom in how you should use your recording. It is yours to keep and use privately or to share with others.


A fantastic way to record speech and webcam simultaneously is with iTop Screen Recorder. It is user-friendly and offers a ton of fantastic features. It is hugely popular, especially with teenagers. You can use it to record tutorials or just your voice. We anticipate great success with this website.


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