Most Popular Sports to Bet in South Africa

South Africa accounts for about 80% of the gambling industry in the continent. If things continue like this, they might compete with global sports betting by the year 2027, which is huge!

The value of the sports betting market has bloomed in the country due to a large number of bettors and sports fanatics. These citizens prefer investing their money in major sports leagues and taking the best profits home. While South Africans are fans of several sports events, their sports betting industry centres around some common sports types. Let’s see few main sports to bet here:


Rugby is one of the most renowned sports in South Africa, with 10 million followers. The South African National rugby union team has won the Championship (in Twenty-Four competitions) four times.

Since its inception, the national team has been ranked in at least the top seven of the World Rugby Rankings. They are also the only team to win both the World Cup and version of the competition in the same year.

Looking at the popularity, bettors know that wagering on the team would be worth the investment. The twists and turns of the game make it even more thrilling to bet on! That’s why bettors do not miss wagering on a rugby game event for the best sports betting South Africa.


South Africans are also known for their cricket fever. They prefer watching national, international, and other cricket tournaments that occur worldwide. Cricket is also the only sport in the country to feature in the top two spots for all race groups.

As cricket games are long and intense, bettors prefer the sport for playing handicaps. Not to forget about the top bowler and innings run bet type that is both fun and profitable.


The South African soccer team is the nation’s favourite sports team after rugby and cricket. The lively event, along with a competitive team and a cheerful audience, is worth watching.

Soccer accounts for 50% of all bets in the country. Its popularity is justified by the diverse bet types, starting from half-time/full-time to draw-no-bet. Not to forget about the high profits that players get after winning the bet.

Horse racing

Speaking of some of the lucrative sports in South Africa, citizens can never get enough of horse racing. It is about three decades now that the continent has been witnessing horse racing events, and the number of viewers is growing day by day.

With growing popularity, wagerers can watch races online and bet on the event without going to the racetrack. The diverse varieties like win bets, show bets, double, exacta, etc. make the game even more interesting. This convenience and bet variety has encouraged the players to bet on horse racing events commonly.


Cycling is the largest participation sport in South Africa. The activity offers bet types like team race winners and individual race winners to make the sporting event more interesting. It comes with interesting twists and turns that can change the outcomes for good. That’s why wager places their best bets on cycling events and earn good profits.

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