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Impulse Calculator

Use our Impulse Calculator a free online tool to calculate the the change in momentum of an object. Enter the values of mass and velocity change to calculate impulse force.

Impulse Formula

The impulse is defined as the change in the momentum of an object. So, if you know the mass and change in velocity or mass of an object and its initial and final velocity; then you can calculate impulse of an object by the formula:

Impulse (I) = m * Δ v

The units of Impulse is kg.m/s

If you know the force (F) acting on an object and the duration of the force (t); then use the following formula to calculate impulse force:

Impulse (J) = Applied Force (F) x Elapsed Time (t) = F * t

Here, Unit of Impulsive Force is Newtons.seconds (N.s)

Impulse Calculator

What is momentum?

An object’s momentum is the product of its mass and velocity. An object can have a large momentum by having a large mass or a large velocity. Momentum is a vector quantity.

Impulse and Change in Momentum of an Object

According to Newton’s 2nd Law: The application of a net force on an object will result in the object accelerating (aka changing velocity)

F = ma = m(Δv/t) = m(vf – vo)/t, but
Ft = mvf – mvo = pf – po thus
Ft (or impulse) = change in momentum or Ft = mΔv
F = mΔv/t = m(vf – v0)/t (Newton’s 2nd law in momentum terms; vf is final velocity, v0 is initial velocity)

How Impulse, Momentum and Change in Momentum are Interrelated

Impulse, Momentum and Change in Momentum