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What Is Plagiarism? How It Can Be Detected by Using Online Tools? Recommended Tools

How plagiarism is detected using online tools

If you are a writer or student, you may have encountered plagiarism at one point or the other. It is the most common yet offensive crime in the writing biz. However, committing plagiarism is one thing and being able to detect plagiarism before finalizing your document is another crucial aspect. That’s where we will help you.

This guide will teach you how to check plagiarism from your material and remove it with the help of our recommended plagiarism checker. So, let’s delve into this discussion.

What is Plagiarism?

The word ‘plagiarism’ derives from a Latin word named ‘plagiarius,’ which means ‘to steal other’s work.’ So, according to the origin of this word, plagiarism is an unethical act that occurs when a writer uses someone else’s work without proper acknowledgment.

Plagiarism can be of various types. However, generally, it occurs when a writer doesn’t know about his topic or when they don’t know about plagiarism itself.

How Can Online Plagiarism Checkers Detect Plagiarism?

Online plagiarism checkers have made it easier to find traces of plagiarism in the content. These tools basically run on an algorithm that checks the entered content against multiple sources stored in the database.

For a lot of tools, this ‘database’ consists of pretty much everything on the interent. So, putting two and two together, we can say that the typical function of plagiarism checkers is to the check the entered content against the sources available on the net.

To be more precise, most plagiarism checkers first break the uploaded content into individual phrases. Then, they apply their algorithms to scour the search engines and online directories in order to find matches for the content.

Recommended Tools to Check Plagiarism:

Several plagiarism checkers are available on the internet. Some of them are paid, whereas others are free. But generally, people like using free tools because of their instant access. So, we recommend the following tools.

The first recommended online software used by universities and other industry professionals to check plagiarism is a freemium tool.

Its name is ‘Free Online Plagiarism Checker – by’

Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tool

This online software is a sentence-wise plagiarism checker. So, it compares each sentence of uploaded content against an online database of billions of web pages and documents.

Once this tool online plagiarism checker has completed the scan for plagiarism, it will provide the results in two tabs:

  • Sentence-wise results: This tab will list all the sentences with green and red labels. The green ones will indicate the original sentences, whereas the red ones will be an indication of plagiarized content. It will also provide a ‘Compare’ button at the end of each sentence to compare the plagiarized phrase with its original URL.
  • Matched URLs: This tab will show the percentage of content similarity between the uploaded content and its source. But besides this, you can also navigate to the (original) source of plagiarized information by clicking on its URL.

It works on the deep-searching technique to quickly scour billions of internet sources and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to compare the scoured sources with the uploaded content. This way, it can easily find accurate traces of plagiarism.

Once this tool has finished the scan for plagiarism, you can create a plagiarism report by clicking on the ‘Generate Plagiarism Report’ button You can only generate the plagiarism report if you are a registered user
This plagiarism checker provides complete control because you can rename the plagiarism report according to your liking This tool is a good option if you are using it for free. However, if you want to purchase its paid plan, I don’t recommend that because there are better alternatives available for money
If this tool finds plagiarism in your content, you can click on the ‘Make it Unique’ button to paraphrase the plagiarized materials
The word count limit of this tool for unregistered users is more than what you will get in the other free plagiarism checkers. So, it is an ideal free plagiarism checker to check plagiarism in lengthy documents
Besides checking plagiarism, this tool also scans the keyword density in your content. So, you can quickly determine which keywords you are using the most
If you want to skip some sources on the internet in your plagiarism scan, you can enter the URLs of those sources in the ‘Exclude URL’ box. This way, the tool will not search the excluded URLs to find traces of contentplagiarism
Besides manually entering the text, you can try local device storage to upload a document file of the following types in this tool:
  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • PDF
  • TXT
If you want to add citations of the matched sources, you can try the built-in ‘CITATION GENERATOR’ of
The plagiarism checking engine of is one of the fastest ones we have ever tested
You can even try its ‘Plagiarism APIs’ to integrate this tool with your platforms also provides a ‘WordPress Plugin’ to check plagiarism directly from the dashboard


Plagiarism is a common issue these days.One of the most common causes behind plagiarism is the lack of awareness about what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it. However, checking and removing plagiarism is not a challenging task anymore, courtesy of the availability of various online plagiarism checkers.

So, whether you cannot choose the best plagiarism checker for your needs or want to know how online tools check plagiarism from your content, this is the place for you. Read the entire post to learn what is happening at the back end of plagiarism-checking tools and which tool is best for you.

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