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Volume of Cube Calculator

Cube surface area calculator is an online tool to calculate volume of cube given length of one side is known.

A cuboid whose length, breadth and height are all equal is called a cube. Cubes have 6 faces, 2 square bases, 4 square faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices. Examples of some common cube surface are: Ice-cubes, Sugar cubes, Dice, etc. are all examples of a cube. Each edge of a cube is called its side.

Cube Formulae

Cube is a 3D object made up of 6 square faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges. All edges and faces are equal. It is also a prism because it has the same cross-section along a length. It is a square prism. All angles are 90°.

Area and Volume of Cube Calculator

For a cube of edge = a units, we have;

Sum of lengths of all edge = 12a units.

Diagonal of cube = (a ∛ 3) units

Total Surface Area of cube = (6a2) sq. units.

Lateral Surface Area of a cube = (4a2) sq. units

Volume of cube = a3 cubic units.

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