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Convert Kelvin to Celsius, Fahrenheit, Rankine, Reaumur

An online tool to convert kelvin to celsius temperature, kelvin to fahrenheit converter, kelvin to rankine and reaumur scale.

Steps: How to convert from one temperature scale to another

  • Enter the value of source temperature.
  • Click on the preferred convert button to get temperatures in desired temperature scale.

Definition of Kelvin Scale and its uses

The Kelvin scale is named after William Thompson Kelvin, a British physicist who devised it in 1848. It extends the Celsius scale down to absolute zero, a hypothetical temperature characterized by a complete absence of heat energy. Temperatures on this scale are called Kelvins (K).

Uses of Kelvin scale: The International System of Measurement uses kelvin scale for measuring temperature.

Formula to convert temperature from Kelvin to others

Kelvin to Celsius Formula

Celsius = K - 273.15

Kelvin to Fahrenheit Formula

Fahrenhiet = (K x 1.8) - 459.67

Kelvin to Rankine Formula

Rankine = K x 1.8

Kelvin to Reaumer Formula

Reaumer = (K - 273.15) * 0.8

To keep track of some of the coldest things in the universe, scientists use the Kelvin temperature scale that begins at 0 Kelvin, which is also called Absolute Zero. Nothing can ever be colder than Absolute Zero because at this temperature, all motion stops. The table below shows some typical temperatures of different systems in the universe.

Table of Cold Places and Things

Temperature in K Place / Object
183 Vostok, Antarctica
160 Phobos - a moon of mars
134 Superconductors
128 Europa in the summer
120 Moon at night
95 Titan surface temperature
90 Liquid oxygen
88 Miranda surface
81 Enceladus in the summer
77 Liquid nitrogen
70 Mercury at night
63 Solid nitrogen
55 Pluto in the summertime
54 Solid oxygen
50 Dwarf Planet Quaoar
45 Shadowed crater on moon
40 Star-forming nebula
33 Pluto in the wintertime
20 Liquid nitrogen
19 Bose-Einstein condensate
4 Liquid helium
3 Cosmic background light
2 Liquid helium
1 Boomerang Nebula

Temperature Scale Table

Temperature Scales

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