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Convert Kelvin to Celsius, Fahrenheit, Rankine, Reaumur

An online tool to convert kelvin to celsius temperature, kelvin to fahrenheit converter, kelvin to rankine and reaumur scale.

Steps: How to convert from one temperature scale to another

  • Enter the value of source temperature.
  • Click on the preferred convert button to get temperatures in desired temperature scale.

Definition of Kelvin Scale and its uses

The Kelvin scale is named after William Thompson Kelvin, a British physicist who devised it in 1848. It extends the Celsius scale down to absolute zero, a hypothetical temperature characterized by a complete absence of heat energy. Temperatures on this scale are called Kelvins (K).

Uses of Kelvin scale: The International System of Measurement uses kelvin scale for measuring temperature.

Formula to convert temperature from Kelvin to others

Kelvin to Celsius Formula

Celsius = K - 273.15

Kelvin to Fahrenheit Formula

Fahrenhiet = (K x 1.8) - 459.67

Kelvin to Rankine Formula

Rankine = K x 1.8

Kelvin to Reaumer Formula

Reaumer = (K - 273.15) * 0.8

Temperature Scale Table

Temperature Scales