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Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, Kelvin, Rankine, Reaumur

An online tool to convert fahrenheit to celsius temperature, fahrenheit to kelvin converter, fahrenheit to rankine and reaumur scale.

Steps: How to convert from one temperature scale to another

  • Enter the value of source temperature.
  • Click on the preferred convert button to get temperatures in desired temperature scale.

Definition of Fahrenheit Scale and its uses

The Fahrenheit scale was established by the German-Dutch physicist, Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, in 1724. While many countries now use the Celsius scale, the Fahrenheit scale is widely used in the United States. It divides the difference between the melting and boiling points of water into 180 equal intervals. Temperatures on the Fahrenheit scale are known as degree Fahrenheit (?F).

Uses of Fahrenheit scale: It is generally used for engineering and houshold purposes.

Formula to convert temperature from Fahrenhiet to others

Fahrenheit to Celsius Formula

Celsius = (F - 32) / 1.8

Fahrenheit to Kelvin Formula

Kelvin = (F + 459.67) / 1.8

Fahrenheit to Rankine Formula

Rankine = F + 459.67

Fahrenheit to Reaumer Formula

Reaumer = (F - 32) / 2.25

Temperature Scale Table

Temperature Scales