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Centripetal Force Calculator

Use our Centripetal force calculator a free online tool to calculate the centripetal force of an object. Enter the values of velocity, mass and radius to calculate centripetal force.

When an object moves in a constant speed in a circular path, it is said to be moving in uniform circular motion. When an object moves in uniform circular motion there is a centripetal force acting on the object. A centripetal force is a force acting on an object, directed toward the center of the object’s circular path.

Centripetal Force Formula

The product of the mass of the object and the centripetal acceleration is the centripetal force.

Fc = m ac = m v2 / r

Fc = centripetal force in Newton = 1 kg * m/s2
m = the mass of the object moving in uniform circular motion (kg)
ac = centripetal acceleration (m/s2)

Centripetal Force Calculator

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