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Capacitance Calculator

Use our Capacitance Calculator a free online tool to calculate the capacitance of the electrical circuit based on its charge Q and its voltage V. Enter the values of electrical charge and potential difference to calculate capacitance.

Capacitance Formula

Capacitance C = Charge Q / Potential Differnece V
C = Q / V

Capacitance Calculator


Capacitor is an arrangement of two conductors carrying charges of equal magnitude and opposite sign and separated by an insulating medium.

Capacitance Diagram

The net charge on the capacitor as a whole is zero. When we say that a capacitor has a charge Q, we mean that positively charged conductor has a charge +Q and the negatively charged conductor has a charge -Q. The positively charged conductor is at a higher potential than negatively charged conductor. The potential difference V between the conductors is proportional to the magnitude of charge Q and the ratio Q/V is known as capacitance C of the capacitor.

The SI unit to measure the capacitance of the capacitor is Farads (F).