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Age Calculator Online by Date of Birth Or Between Two Dates

Online Age Calculator Between Two Dates or Age Calculator Online by Date of Birth. Here the tool is used calculate the age between the two dates entered. The age is calculated in years, months, and days. This tool is used to calculate age from one date to another or from date of birth to current date or till death.

How Age is Calculated

Our age on Earth is based on Earth years. It is the number of times the Earth has orbited the Sun since the day we were born. If we were to live on another planet in the Solar System our age would be different because each planet takes a different amount of time to orbit the Sun. In other words each planet has a different year length.

There are actually two definitions of day:

1. Sidereal day is the time of rotation of the Earth relative to the stars.

2. Solar day is the time of rotation of the Earth relative to the Sun.

Our daily time keeping is based on the ‘mean day’, which is defined to be 24 hours. On Earth the solar and sidereal day are almost the same, with the former being three minutes 54 seconds longer than the later. (That’s why the stars rise almost four minutes earlier each night).

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